Darling buds of May


May has now arrived and nature is now in full swing. As everyone will have noticed there has been an abundance of new plant growth in the hedgerows and along the roadside verges. This is a great time of year to appreciate the explosion of new life as the birds nesting activities increase and the number of bees and other insects rises. This is the month for the appearance of a great variety of wild flowers. Road side verges can be a good place to see many of the wonderful displays of flowers, as the verges of the parish represent the last refuge for many of our vulnerable wild flowers. With 97% of the countryside wildflower meadows having been lost and continue to disappear, these green strips alongside our roads have ever greater importance to wildlife.

Many may feel the road verges should be neat and tidy, but for the survival of wildflowers and the wildlife that depend upon them the cutting back of the vegetation at this time of year is a disaster. Many species of bee rely on these oasis’s to survive, with the bee population having declined significantly in recent years , these linear wildflower meadows are of national importance.

With the weather getting warmer now is a good time to go and explore the countryside to discover its many delights at this uplifting time of year.