Whites Spinney update

Whites Spinney is fast becoming a jewel, a perfectly formed wildlife gem. Though the thinning out that took place a couple of years ago looked harsh, the benefits of woodland management undertaken by the tree warden are there for all to see. The vegetation is lush and dense providing a wealth of food and shelter for insects, birds and small mammals.

To ensure it remains a great place for wildlife and also a safe place for everyone to visit, there are some ongoing activities by the wildlife wardens. The spinney is being looked after with a light touch, as nature left alone will look after itself. The only activities taking place are a regular litter picking session (as unfortunately there have been incidents of littering) and management of access. All visitors are welcome to walk around the spinney to enjoy its delights. Though horses and motorised vehicles are not permitted as the spinney is not suitable. We urge visitors to be sensitive to wildlife and follow the established footpaths, and follow the countryside code.

Volunteers will be shortly creating a timber fence along the boundary with the old railway line to prevent unauthorised motorbikes from entering the spinney from that direction. Walkers will still be able to use the existing entrances without hindrance. The fence will be constructed from timber sourced from Bascote Road Scrubs Community Nature Reserve, left over from activities last year.

We hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the spinney for years to come.