Spring News

The watcher

There has been a great deal of activity over the last couple of months. Every Saturday afternoon throughout the whole of February 250 tree whips have been planted at Bascote Road Scrubs nature reserve and Whites Spinney. The new trees have been planted to help restore hedgerow that forms the boundaries of both sites. A big thank you must be given to the volunteers whole so kindly gave their time to help plant these trees. These trees as well as helping to restore old hedgerow, will also help towards climate change.

In other news as mentioned in the village diary, we are undertaking a hedgehog survey in the Lilac Field. With hedgehog numbers in serious decline across the country it is important that we do our best to help look after the local population. To be able to know what is best to do, we need to know where the hedgehogs are, and in what numbers. We would encourage everyone to do their part by making your gardens hedgehog friendly. Information can be found at the Hedgehog Street website.

Finally, everyone must be aware of the urgency needed to help combat the effects of climate change. It’s affects are becoming increasingly apparent in our everyday lives. To reduce the serverity we all need to do our part, whether it is reducing waste or lowering our energy consumption. As parish wildlife wardens we are very conscious of what climate change will have upon our local wildlife and the the countryside as a whole. Through the creation of the nature reserve at Bascote Road, management of Whites Spinney, parish wildlife surveys and assisting the parish council, we are trying to do our part to keep our little corner of the english countryside in good health for future generations to be able to enjoy.

But we cannot do it alone and need your help, whether by making your homes wildlife friendly or helping to reduce your impact upon the environment. We need to help nature now more than ever if we are going to be able to enjoy what we have now in the future.