Coronavirus and wildlife

We are now living in unsettling times. As the country shuts down and changes to our everyday lives become more apparant, we should not forget about our local wildlife.

Spring is now if full swing and with the reduced human activity it is much easier to see the transformation from the winter months. While it is important to strictly enforce “social distancing” and avoid any travel, the importance of being outside for our mental wellbeing should not be under-estimated. This is the chance to get closer to nature whether in your garden or out in the countryside. But, it cannot be stressed enough to avoid close contact and gathering in groups, and also please restrict yourself to the one form of exercise per day rule. Keep yourself safe and also those around you.

If the precautions are taken, it can be a great time to be out in nature. There are plenty of footpaths and places to go. Also, now everyone has more free time, now would be a great time to make your gardens more wild friendly and help bring nature to you.

Government advice may change at short notice so please keep yourselves informed.

During this time work on Bascote Road Scrubs Community Nature Reserve continues, with preparation work at home for future activity. Hopefully it will be possible to give public access to the nature reserve for quiet enjoyment, at some point later this year.

In the meanwhile, stay safe!

Mute Swan on the canal