Bascote Scrubs Community Nature Reserve

Good news!

After a lot of work in between lockdowns we are happy to announce, a small section of the nature trail through the reserve is now open.😀

It is now possible for visitors to experience the reserve and see what the efforts of our community have created. We hope visitors will be able, through quiet enjoyment, better appreciate our local wildlife.

Work is still ongoing with plenty still to do, improving the surface of the trail with stone reclaimed from elsewhere on the reserve, continued work on the new pond, construction of more rustic fencing and further improvement of habitats.

The reserve is home to wildlife, so we ask visitors to act as guests and respect nature. Please follow the guidance on the noticeboard at the reserve entrance before entering.

It is important to note that currently no dogs are allowed to enter the reserve. It is unfortunate, but the presence of dogs is disruptive to wildlife. With the large increase in dog ownership recently, wildlife is in need of a place free of disturbance.

New surface to path has been laid.