We are the Parish Wildlife Wardens for Long Itchington, Bascote & Bascote Heath.

Help a Hedghog!

Hedgehogs need your help this autumn and winter.

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Feature Article: RiverWatch

This website is for all those interested in the wildlife that lives within this parish.

Here you can find out what flora & fauna share this parish with us, and why living in a rural community such as ours can be so rewarding.

 Read our About Us page to find out what the parish wildlife wardens actually do.

Look at John’s Wildlife Notes to find out what can be seen through the seasons and learn about the wellbeing wildlife can bring.

Learn about how you can help your local wildlife and give nature a boost.

View the Gallery to see photographs of our local wildlife and countryside.

Visit our Links page to find out about other wildlife organisations at local & national levels.

Wildlife conservation and the protection & improvement of habitats is important to all of us.

If we do not look after nature, nature will not look after us.

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