Whites Spinney

Whites spinney is a small area of young woodland alongside the old railway line cyclepath (Lias Line), positioned halfway between Stonebridge Lane and Bascote Road. It owned and managed by the parish council. The parish wildlife wardens help ensure the spinney remains a welcoming place for both wildlife and visitors. The spinney is regularly monitored, but managed with a light touch with only occasional work being undertaken to ensure its long term wellbeing.

The spinney is developing into a small wildlife gem, with a healthy population of woodland flora and fauna. Though small, it is always worth making time to visit and always rewarding.

Take your time to appreciate your surroundings. Listen to the wind in the trees, the birdsong, the rustling of small mamals in the undergrowth. Admire the view south across the rolling countryside to the distant view of Southam beyond.

The plan above shows the main points of access and the route of the footpath around the spinney. Please keep to the footpaths and be respectful to nature. Leave only footprints, take only memories.

The spinney is open all year round, though there will be odd occasions when it may need to be closed for safety reasons if work is being undertaken.

Long Itchington Parish Wildlife Wardens

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